The future of connected mobilityIoT applications and services

Nowadays, smart connected objects are being used throughout all areas of society to improve our everyday quality of life, our work environments, our health, our vehicles… Those improvements are possible in all these domains thanks to mature standards, cost-effective technologies and skills developed in schools, universities and businesses.


Sierra Wireless, INSA Toulouse in the context of Actia Chair "Intelligent mobility: civic, sustainable and responsible" and their partners, are organizing a series of seminars and a hackathon on the topic of "the future of the connected mobility applied to IoT applications and services", highlighting the benefits of open source platforms, standards and electric mobility.


Registration are closed on Internet please contact Thierry Monteil if you would like to register.

Seminars schedule at 6:15 PM with social drinks at INSA Toulouse

Room GEI213 – building 19, département génie électrique et informatique
INSA 135 avenue de Rangueil 31077 Toulouse (map) - more information and slides (here):

  • November 6th: Communication Technologies (NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G, satellite, LoRa) – N. Damour (Sierra Wireless), M. Leminh (Kineis), Rémi Lorrain (semtech) - 1:15 hours
  • November 13th: Objects: open source, prototyping and industrialization – T. Cantegrel (Sierra Wireless) - 2 hours with practice
  • November 20th: Connected Vehicles - Renaud Hanus (ACTIA), Olivier Flebus (Continental), Laurent Pahun (Renault Software Labs), Bertrand Delphin (Easymile)
  • November 27th: Treatment / use of data – Didier Bosque and Paul Pidou (Sopra Steria), Fatma RAISSI and Mandimby Ranaivo Rakotondravelona (Akka Research) - 


International Hackathon on December 5th and 6th at INSA Toulouse (limited number of inscriptions - 100 people):

  • Groups of 4 participants with an industrial mentor
  • Target: innovative prototype with a demonstration and a pitch in front of a jury
  • Open hardware kits at disposal with dev board, sensors, actuators and communication modules (to be kept for free after the event)
  • Access to wireless IoT networks (cellular, LoRaWAN and satellite)
  • Access to an IoT infrastructure supporting the oneM2M standard
  • Smart green autonomous electric vehicle at disposal for prototype integration
  • Program:
  • Thursday 9:00 Hackathon launch
  • Thursday 12:30 Status point & mentor session + lunch
  • Thursday 7pm: Optional status & mentor session + dinner
  • Friday 12:30: End Status point (end of dev) + lunch
  • Friday afternoon: pitches, demos and winner selection
  • Friday evening: social event


Rules for hackathon are describe here


Contact: Thierry Monteil, monteil @